In60Days.com has been created to help you pass your IT exams by breaking everything down into easy-to-follow daily tasks as well as regular reviews, exams and hands-on labs. If you are enquiring about the Cisco CCNA in 60 Days book then V3 was released on 21 September 2017. From this version, all bonus materials can be accessed via a URL which is inside the first few pages.
All other bonus material is now out-of-date.

Are the bonuses available if I buy the Kindle version?

Yes. In the same places as above.

How do I get access to the free goodies for the book I bought?

You buy the book and then inside the first few pages you will see the URL. It in the ‘Read Me First’ section as well as in the introduction and at the end of every days lesson. The coupon code to get the joining discount is in the FAQ section of the book.

How do I get the printed version?

Amazon should stock it because they have exclusive rights to sell. You must get the 2017 version (V3).

I bought the audiobook. Where is it?

Under ‘Members – My Products’ in the top menu. Same for any materials you have paid for.

I have a question. Where can I ask?

I don’t have a contact form sorry. As I say above, it sells thousands of copies per month and it’s impossible to run my training websites and also answer individual questions here. There is a comments section on the book bonus page.

I have an old version of the book, can I get a free upgrade?

No. It’s a brand new book with over 50% original content plus two more CCIE authors. If I’d just made a minor upgrade I would have put out a PDF. But it’s only a few dollars on Kindle so not much to spend on your future.

What bonuses do I get when I join?

I’ve added videos plus a large number of exams. I’ll be adding more stuff as we go along such as challenge labs. I do not offer live rack access but there is a live rack on www.howtonetwork.com. I’m not selling you anything but if you need access to Cisco equipment then try out my site or Cisco.com has racks for students also.

What is the paid for members access?

This is far more than the book freebies. It’s daily lectures, labs, exams and other study goodies. It’s taken many months to create and streams off cloud servers so I have to charge for it to cover all the development costs. Check out the products page. There is a big discount coupon in the FAQ section of the Kindle/Printed book.

What’s the Difference Between CCNA in 60 Days and CCNA Simplifed?

CCNA in 60 days is an intensive 2-hours-per-day training program where I tell you want to do every day. Cisco CCNA Simplified has the same two elements as 60 days. Cisco CCNA training online and CCNA study guide. It’s a more relaxed pace and you can study the topics with less time pressure. There is also the 101 Labs – Cisco CCNA lab training video course and workbook.

Why can’t I log in with my howtonetwork.com / in60days.net logins?

This site can only be accessed if you have bought one of the 60 Days books. If you previously joined in60days.net then check the members homepage on that site for your upgrade info.